Our hotel is an ideal starting point for hiking and cycling.

The numerous bike paths in the area invite you to explore nature, such as a visit of Zwillbrocker Venn, explore the culture of the Westmünsterland or neighbouring Netherlands.

Other highlights are the interesting museums, which are just a short distance from our hotel. These include, for example, the traditional farmhouse museum directly located in the beautiful city park or the Hamaland museum at the edge of the town center of Vreden.

If the weather is good, it is advisable to spend the afternoon not only in the thriving city park, but also at the natural Berkelsee in Vreden. Of course we are delighted to welcome you to enjoy a refreshing drink at our Offshore Berkelbeach, which can be quickly accessed from the lake.

Those wishing to explore the centre of Vreden at night should not miss the exciting night watchman's tour.

Although the Baroque Schloss Ahaus is outside of Vreden, it is well worth a visit as is a scenic flight or balloon ride starting at the airfield Wenningfeld in Stadtlohn. These unique experiences will enthuse both young and old - that we can promise you.

To learn more about the area of Vreden, please follow the link or just ask our reception staff!

Travel Tips